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Jazaaboo: Three cute pictures

11 years ago

Some brain bleach to try to make up for yesterday’s gruesome comic. Right now, Jazaaboo (aka Anatotitan aka Tal-Pas Portaxx aka a bunch of other names) is doing cheap commissions for charity, and I decided to take her up on it for three pictures that I thought people might like to see! The one-sentence descriptions I gave her were, in order:Navi and Midna vie for Wind Waker Link’s attention (and he is possibly confused as to who they are or sleeping under a tree or something)Vibri (from Vib-Ribbon) plays or is otherwise in the world of Bit.Trip.Beatfluffy (plaid critter) is doing a DJ set a'la Beatmania. Two turntables and keyboards and note event bars and a goofy video being projected overhead for a crowd to trance out to.

I think she did an excellent job (and really nice touch with the background image on Beatmania!), and you should have her do an excellent job of your ideas too! Especially since it’s all for a good cause (helping out TheSpeedGamers to raise money for autism research and other good causes) and they’re very cheap and you’ll probably get them very very quickly and she’ll have fun doing them and you’ll have fun having them done and what are you waiting for? GO DO IT!


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