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19 years ago

fluffy: [[thinking]] Hmmm… Is it a bad sign when the performers aren’t even visible?

fluffy: [[thinking]] I wonder if that creaking backstage door is supposed to be part of the percussion.

fluffy: [[thinking]] Probably not.

fluffy: [[thinking]] What is that on the screen? Is it a… oh, I guess that’s a camera back behind the curtain.

fluffy: [[thinking]] Why’s there that green dot there?

fluffy: [[thinking]] Gah, are they ever going to change the effect to something else? It looks like a show on the Public Access station.

fluffy: [[Eh, this music kinda sucks. But, it cost $5…

fluffy: [[thinking]] Admission to wanky freejazzz concert: $5. A few hours away from my parents: Priceless. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.

fluffy: [[thinking]] ARGH, go AWAY, stupid green dot!!!

Band Member: We are Cosmic ReBop… Thank you for coming. We’re gonna take a short break.

fluffy: [[thinking} Oh, good. They’re moving the screen. Uh… why’s the band leader waving at me?

fluffy: [[thinking]] … Crap, he’s walking right towards me.

Band Leader: Hey uh, do you play an instrument?

fluffy: Yes, why?

Band Leader: We’re having a gig on the 18th. Feel free to bring it and join in.

fluffy: Really? Okay! Actually, I recently did an Internet-based freejazz session which you might be interested in…

Caption: Fifteen minutes of conversation later…

fluffy: [[thinking]] Actually these guys aren’t that bad.


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