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a year ago

[[fluffy is sitting at the computer, attempting to draw on the tablet]]

NARRATOR: I’m having so much trouble working on comics these days.

fluffy (thinking): How does this thing work, again?

NARRATOR: Or, really, anything.

[[fluffy is laying in bed, a large Tuxedo cat (labeled “‘New’ cat”) sitting on her chest, fluffy wincing in pain]]

NARRATOR: It’s not that I don’t have any ideas, far from it!

fluffy: Tyler please get off you’re too big

NARRATOR: (Heck, I’ve had so many things I’ve wanted to make comics of!)

[[fluffy, Tyler, and Fiona are sitting on the couch. Lewi and Juni are sitting on the coffee table, looking at fluffy with concern.]]

NARRATOR: I’ve just been… blocked.

Lewi: Wouldn’t you rather be drawing us than watching TV?

fluffy: yeah probably

NARRATOR: I hope I can figure out a way past it.


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