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19 years ago



Narration: I spent all day today inside because I was covered in spots. The ithcy, red kind, all over my arms, legs, and face.

Fluffy: [[thinking]] Gnnh… So… itchy…

Narration: As opposed to the cute, playful skin coloration kind.

Narration: The other night my friend Geof decided he really needed to have a long one-way discussion in the middle of his front yard , irrespectibve of my comfort or level of caring. Mosquito: [[thinking]] Just one more hit! I swear!

Narration: So today I decided to see if these were symptoms of the West Nile Virus.

Narration: Nothing matched about it, and all the of the symptom lists said, basically, “Either you won’t ever notice anything major, or you’ll die in a couple days.”

Narration: Now that I’m drawing the comic, though, I’m realizing that the itchy red dots are just the mosquito bites. I mean, duh. But one of the symptoms is a breakdown of mental ability… Or maybe I just need to cut down on my caffeine intake a bit.

Caption: Shooby, actually drawn as a tabby for a change.

Caption: Toby, still full grown.

Fluffy: [[thinking]] How big is he going to get?!

Narration: Yes, that sounds good about now.


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