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Journal: Rejection

19 years ago

Original entry: Rejection

fluffy: Don’t worry, Toby. I’ll let you in once I get the mail.

Toby: [[off-panel]] MROW!

fluffy: Hmm… Spam… Bill I’ve already paid online… Ooh, something from CTC? Probably my travel reimbursement! Finally…

fluffy: Or maybe not…

Letter: Thank you for your interest in Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) and for interviewing with our staff. Although your credentials are quite impressive, CTC is unable to match your talents to current employment opportunities We will, however, retain your resume for a six-month period should an appropriate opportunity develop.

Letter: Your patience during CTC’s recruiting process has been appreciated. Good luck with future career endeavors.

Letter: Very truly yours. [[signature cut off]]


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