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2008/05/08: Taking control

14 years ago


It’s pretty amazing how much time I’ve been wasting watching TV lately, while still complaining that I never seem to find time to do any of my hobbies. It’s not like I’ve even been watching good TV, either. I think it’s time to delete a bunch of my season passes. I’m sure I’ll be better off.


fluffy: [[thinking]] Ugh, I’m tired of these shows. I wonder if my TiVo has any good suggestions to watch…

fluffy: [[thinking]] Wait, what am I thinking? This isn’t empowerment, it’s entrapment!

fluffy: [[thinking]] I’m wasting time on this crap. I don’t need to see if I’m smarter than a fifth grader.

fluffy: [[thinking]] Deleted, deleted, deleted, deleted.

fluffy: [[thinking]] There.

fluffy: [[thinking, ignoring all the music, video games, and art supplies in the background]] Okay, so now what?


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