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Journal: Please stand by

18 years ago

fluffy: Hi. You may have noticed that I haven’t posted any comics lately, or anything else for that matter.

fluffy: I do still have plenty of Austin comics left to draw, and of course the ongoing random stuff in my life. But I’ve been too busy to do anything of substance.

fluffy: This is mostly because of the job interview. At the last minute I had to buy this cute new business suit so that I’d have decent clothes to interview in, and of course I also had to buy lots of other clothes to look nice in New York. Yay!

fluffy: But I also have had lots of less-fun non-clothing-shopping stuff to do. Like ironing everything, made more difficult by my mom’s 20-year-old ironing board finally deciding it was too indie for structural integrity.

fluffy: I’ve also been scrambling to get a portfolio-esque presentation together, and I’ve also been having to think about what happens if I do get the job - what stuff to I want to take with me to New York, and how should I go about selling the rest?

fluffy: Then there’s the usual putting-up-with-my-mom and so on, and also trying to make plans for when I’m in New York, both with my friends who are there and also with the interviewers, who are kind a hard to get in touch with.

fluffy: But, hey, it’ll all be worth it, right?


[[Life-size cardboard stand-up of fluffy falls over, revealing an iPod and speakers on a stool.]]


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