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The payoff, pt. 3

18 years ago



ifpo238: Hey, fluffy? I’m ifpo238… It was great to see you perform earlier.

fluffy: Really? Thanks! I wasn’t sure how good I sounded…

ifopo238: Yeah, a couple times I could tell you couldn’t hear yourself, but you handled it really well!

fluffy: [[imagines Self-Worth-O-Meter rising closer to “glenn”]]

Dr Worm[?]: Oh, man, fluffy, you ROCKED!

flufffy: Really?

Dr. Worm: Yeah, totally!

fluffy: That means a lot to me, especially coming from you. Thanks!

Dr. Worm: Rock on!

fluffy: [[imagines Self-Worth-O-Meter going past “glenn” and up to “blue lang”.]]

Caption: Back at the hotel…

fluffy: Hey, Sober! Wanna hear how the recordings turned out, finally?

Sober: [[off-panel]] Sure!

fluffy: Ooooo… these sound REALLY good. I’m gonna skip ahead to mine.

Sober: Okay.

fluffy: Oh.

fluffy: My.

fluffy: God.

fluffy: I suck.

fluffy: [[imagines Self-Worth-O-Meter falling past “yook” toward “jim owen” and breaking the glass with a CRUNCH]]


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