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Friday night

18 years ago

Narration: What I did yesterday:

Narration: -Finally got a checup

Doctor: [[holding a reflex hammer]] Hmmm…

Narration: -got a new inhaler

Pharmacist: [[off-panel]] It’ll be just two more minutes. You’re waiting for Intal, right?

fluffy: No just Ventolin.

Sign: No flu shots

Jug: K-Y Jelly economy size

Sign: Scribbles - $2/each

Narration: -went to the Mafiose Italian restaurant

fluffy: Um… two cheese slices, please?

Counter Tender: You got it. Tree-fifty.

Narration: -met my coworkers at a trendy bar

Sam: So didja ever get any furniture?

fluffy: Yeah, I got a buch of Metro shelving.

Narration: -had a few drinks

fluffy: Looks like it’s down ta you ‘n me.

AJ: Yep.

fluffy: Where ya goin’ after this?

AJ: Dunno. You up for sushi?

Narration: And, uh…

[[indecipherable scene and dialogue heavily scribbled over]]

Narration: Went to bed, apparently.

fluiffy: [[thinking]] What time is it?

fluffy: [[thinking]] … And where’s my pants?


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