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Journal: Distracting

17 years ago

[[fluffy and its sister walk down the street in San Francisco]]

Sister: Well, I’m just saying that your writing’s pretty good. A lot of literature majors try really hard to emulate some of the forms which just come naturally to you. I think you should write more!

fluffy: Eh, I dunno. I Just write stupid little things when I feel like it.

Sister: Stop selling yourself short all the time. I bet you could put out an anthology and collectors would just eat it all up.

fluffy: Well, I’ve kind of thought of doing something like that but–

parked van: squicka

fluffy: Uh…

[[fluffy and sister watch the shaking van]]

van: squicka squicka squicka squickasquickasquicka squicka

[[fluffy and sister look at each other knowingly]]

both: Huh.


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