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Journal: Accidental comeback

18 years ago

Original entry: Accidental comeback

[[fluffy stands on a DDR pad]]

fluffy: [[thinking]] Whew, I think I have enough energy for one more…

DDR Game Screen: “Lovin' You”

DDR Game Screen: “Ron Searle Club Mix”

DDR Game Screen: “Vinyl Baby”

fluffy: [[thinking]] Ha ha, but definitely not an 8 star one.


fluffy: [[thinking]] What the…?

fluffy: [[thinking]] Oh, crap.

fluffy: [[thinking]] Oh well. Might as well give it a try…

Caption: Eighty seconds later…

fluffy <>

fluffy: dunno if i…

fluffy: can…

fluffy: make it…

fluffy: NNNNNGH!

fluffy: <>

fluffy: <>

fluffy: <>

DDR Game: That was Fan-TASTIC! I was almost dazzled!

fluffy: [[thinking]] Holy cow.

fluffy: [[thinking]] I haven’t passed an 8 in over a year.

fluffy: [[thinking]] Awesome.


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