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A hollow victory

14 years ago

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Title: Proposition 8: Gay marriage ban

[[map of California with brown or green circles of varying sizes on each county]]

Label: Eureka

Label: Redding

Label: Chico

Label: Yuba City

Label: Santa Rosa

Label: Sacramento

Label: San Francisco

Label: Stockton

Label: Modesto

Label: SF

Label: San Jose

Label: Salinas

Label: Fresno

Label: San Luis Obispo

Label: Bakersfield

Label: Santa Barbara

Label: San Bernardino

Label: Los Angeles

Label: Santa Ana

Label: Palm Springs

Label: Oceanside

Label: San Diego

Label: El Centro

Green bar: Yes: 5,163,908 (52%)

Brown bar: No: 4,760,336 (48%)

Grey box: No results

Text: Precincts reporting 95.4%

Label: Available races

Dropdown box: Proposition 8: Gay marriage ban

Text: About this proposition

Label: Filters

Dropdown box: No filters

Check box: [[checked]] Show Cities

Link: Share this map

Text: As of 08:11 AM


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