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Friday’s comic may be late

2009/12/09 11:58 PM

I have Friday’s comic written and laid out and so on, but tomorrow I will be busy with work trying to put some finishing touches on an important demo for Big Boss and I might not have a chance to finish it. If it’s late, I’ll hopefully get it up Friday evening, or worst case I’ll finish (and post) it during the CAM webcomics convention on Saturday.

Unity reviewed

2009/12/21 1:21 PM

Luprand was recently kind enough to review Unity. As a warning, the review does include a few things that I would consider somewhat minor spoilers (in that he straightforwardly explains things that I would have hoped a reader would figure out on their own), but still, it’s a nice review. He posts other good reviews as well, and is well worth subscribing to in your RSS aggregator of choice.