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Unity: Arrival

14 years ago

Original entry: 129. Arrival

[[At the airport. Sasha is staring out the window at a lake. Juni emerges from a doorway above which is written “Kajoshu special trip” in Hiero, with “gate 4” to the left.]]

Tamu: Ah, Juni! Welcome back to the land of the living-

Hira: I not Juni, you kessel. I am Hira. Juni still waking up.

Tamu: Oh, goodness. I am so sorry! It is nice to finally meet you in person. Will you be staying here?

Hira: I don’t know. Ask “her royal majesty.”

[[Sam and Juni emerge, bags under their eyes]]

Tamu: Ah, Juni! Welcome back to the land of the–Goodness, naked, again? I’m starting to think you have a nudism complex!

Juni: You’re the one with a problem. This is normal back in Kajoshu.

Tamu [rolling eyes]: Tsk. Sasha, be a dear and get Officer Melrose a more suitable set of clothes.

Sasha: [Campon-like clicks and squeaks]

Tamu: Yes, “more suitable than nothing.”

Hira [to Sasha]: You one biiig ant.


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