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Unity: Factors

14 years ago

Juni: Wh.. what happened?

Goldberg: You had a seizure. A quite major one.

Goldberg: Officers Haring and Tzernekov are somewhat reluctant to give me any more information.

Goldberg: Breezing secretive government types…

Goldberg: I don’t suppose you know if you have a history of this happening… your public records are, of course, brief.

Juni: N-no, I am…. I don’t… Ugh, my head. I feel like I’m inside-out.

Goldberg: Yes, that sort of feeling is not uncommon after a grand mal event.

Goldberg: You appear to be stable now. I suggest you rest. Stress is often a trigger.

Goldberg: Please call if you need… or remember anything.

Juni: okay


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