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Unity: Landing

13 years ago

[[in a purple floatyspace]]

subJuni: Isn’t it ironic how you treat me like a pile of defective thoughts?

Juni: How so?

subJuni: It was my mistake which created you.

Juni: Your mistake? What?

subJuni: So typical. You, all knowledge but no memories. How pathetic.

Juni: I have memories now!

subJuni: Yes, but they are MY memories. Not yours.

Juni: I’d prefer we try to be friends.

subJuni: What’s the point? You don’t even exist.

Juni: But I am me as you are me

Sam: Juni?

Juni: and we are all together

Juni: altogether?

Sam: Juuuni?

[[In a cabin of an aerotransport]]

Sam: Hey! Wake up, sleepyhead. We’re landing in a centi.

Juni: Nn, I must have drifted off.

Sam: I know! You’ve had a long day!


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