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Unity: Channel surfing

14 years ago

Original entry: 117. Channel surfing

[[seen from one of the robots]]

demiJuni: Argh, Juni, come on, get mom out here already!

demiJuni: What the breeze are you doing in there?!

Eugene: Huh, the li'l bugger is sparklin' a-

demiJuni: Meh. What are Chandra/Kandra up to?

Speaking Corentin: “Court summons was required?” Why is that phrase used so much?

Speaking Corentin: This is so frustrating. This language has no orthography…

Autistic Corentin: Honk?

Speaking Corentin: Stop that.

Autistic Corentin: Honk!

Speaking Corentin: I sad stop that, you retard!

Autistic Corentin: Honkhonk! Honk!

Speaking Corentin [plucking a feather from his brother’s neck]: Yes, the light is on again, I don’t breezing care!

Autistic Corentin: Hrronk!

demiJuni: Hey, that’s not nice!


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