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Unity: Outside the village

14 years ago

Original entry: 111. Outside the village

Eugene: [[in Kajoshi]] Aw, dang…

[[The party stops as Eugene complains and grabs his kilt.]]

Eugene: Hold up a bit. I shouldn’t wear my huntin' kilt into town without a proper kill to show for it.

Sam: [[in Heiro]] Hey, what’s… breeze, can’t you spadetails keep your clothes on for even one kaysec?!

Juni: [[sternly]] Sam.

Sam: What?

[[Eugene bends over to undress, Juni is shown carrying the bug-bot.]]

Eugene: Alright, there we go.

Sam: Hey, he’s a neutrois too!

Juni: What are you talking about?

Sam: [[wiggling a hoof-finger]] He hasn’t got any dangly bits.

Juni: Eh? You’re one to talk.

Sam: Yeah, but I’m not a natural male.

Juni: I was jo– Uh, you realize that’s a cloaca, right?

Eugene: What’re you guys talkin' about?

Sam: [[quietly, hand on arm]] Wait, so you never had…?

Juni: [[Kajoshi, to Eugene, grinning and blushing]] Oh, just how masculine you are.

Eugene: Really? Thanks!


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