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Unity: Rude

14 years ago

Original entry: 130. Rude

[[Riding from the airport. Sasha is playing a gaming device.]]

Hira: [Kajoshi] Juni, you still ahven’t told me why you’ve brought me.

Juni: [Hiero] Mom, I told you, you’ll know when I know.

Hira: [Kajoshi] So where are we going now?

Juni: [Hiero] We’re going to my place to drop you and Sam off and get some clothes, and then I need to make a couple of visits.

Hira: [Kajoshi] And why are you responding in Hiero?

Juni: [Hiero] Because nobody else here knows Kajoshi. It’s rude.

Hira: [Kajoshi] Do you know what else is rude? Abducting your mother.

Sam (sleeping): hrnh?


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