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Unity: Confusing

13 years ago

[[In the lobby of Juni’s housing building]]

Juni: Hi, Leonard, can I get a temporary key for my mother? She’s visiting from Kajoshu.

Hira: “Visiting,” meh.

Leonard: Sure thing, Officer. Dressing casual today?

Juni: It’s a really long story.

Leonard: I’ll bet.

[[In Juni’s home]]

Juni: So this is my home. I feel like I haven’t been here in a tenround and a half.

Hira: Why it so big and so empty? YOu do not have any nesting?

Juni: Our bed is in the other room. You can sleep on the couch, or we can get you a temporary mattress if you like.

Hira: No straw? I like to sleep on straw.

Juni: No, mom, straw isn’t a very reusable substance. Some people eat it, though.

Hira: Eat…?

Juni: Oh, right, if you want some food, there’s a comm node in the kitchen. You can order what you want and they’ll send it up the tube.

Hira (rolling her eyes): [Kajoshi] You make it sound so simple.


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