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Unity: Awkward

13 years ago

Tanya: Hmf. This is awkward.

Sam: Funny seeing you here. Or at all, really.

Tanya: Hey, now, I don’t want any trouble… was just followin' orders, ya know?

Tanya: And those orders weren’t to kill you. It was just a stinger pulse.

Sam: But you still followed them.

Tanya: Yeah, yeah, I shoulda questioned ‘em more. But he’s in jail now and I’m on leave 'til the tribunal.

Sam: You’re lucky I didn’t have my gun. I had the Coriolis advantage.

Tanya [sarcastically]: I know, you the excellent sniper 'n all.

Tanya: Shouldn’t even be talkin’. Take care.

Juni: Thanks, you too.


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