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Unity: Removal

15 years ago

Juni: Okay, so someone born like me would be an evolutionary dead-end… i suppose I eschewed a birth sex?

Sam: Hehe, ess-chew. Yeah.

Juni: So what was I before?

Sam: I have no idea… one day you told me you were finally getting your genitals removed. I was actually kind of surprised that you even had them to begin with. / You’ve always been pretty ambiguous, since the day we met.

{{Memory flashback. School hallway with lockers and water fountain}}

Young Sam [[with shaggy hair]]: Hey.

Young Juni [[Black-tipped hair covering eyes]]: Hi.

Young Sam: ‘Sup?

Young Juni: Eh.

Young Sam: 'Scool.

Sam: As far as I know, the only person who knew what you were was you. Now that ghost is dead.

Juni: Mm, cheers to that. [[Drinks]]


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