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Do I have any dang readers?

2007/09/24 12:00 AM

Sometimes it’s hard to tell. I hate to be all “wah post in the forum” and stuff, but could people please post in the forum? (You don’t even have to register or anything, in case that wasn’t obvious.)

What’s good? Bad? Indifferent? Is the story too obvious, too obtuse? What aspects should I focus on? I have a very clear path in mind for what’s going to happen — and I want to know I’m on the right one.

Also, what about site things? Obviously I changed the name of the sub-site, and I’ve also tinkered with some navigation things. Is there anything else I can do to make things a bit better? Should I drop the global “jump to beginning” button since it no longer really makes any sense? (Should it just go to the series list?)

How can I help you to enjoy this?