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15 years ago

Duchess: I am sorry, but I cannot have you escaping.

Womble: [[thinking]] This can’t be happening… How could I be so careless?!

Womble: [[thinking]] I hope they can change me back from…

Womble: [[thinking]] whatever this is.

Agent: [[thinking]] What is this strange beam of light?

Duchess: How do you think the rest of the world will react?

Duchess: You won’t even make it back home.

Duchess: You’re better off staying with me…

Duchess: My new pet womble.

[[Agent writes in notebook]]

July 28-95

I have finally located the

castle of the Duchess. I hope

to make quick work of finally

completing this dreadful


She clearly has substantial

resources and talent at her

disposal. A shame she must

squander them in the name

of madness.


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