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Womble: Ring Cycle

14 years ago

Original entry: Ring Cycle

Caption: Before:

[[The Womble plays a flute. The Duchess plays a violin.]]

Caption: The Idea!

Duchess: We should start a band.

Caption: Auditions!

Duchess: Not what we’re looking for. Next!

fluffy: But I’m versati-

Duchess: I SAID NEXT!!!

Caption: Gigs!

Audience Member 1: Freebird!

Audience Member 2: Dude, so not cool.

Audience Member 3: [[off-panel]] man how old is that violin player anyway?

Caption: Getting Signed!

Duchess: That is an evil contract. Genius.

Record Company Executive Douchebag: So you will sign it?

Duchess: But of course!

Caption: Infighting!

Drummer: I think we should switch genres. This is stupid.

Duchess: Don’t you like avant-industrial loungecore?

Keyboardist: Issat what you call this tripe?

Caption: The Breakup!

Keyboardist: Oi, take yer freaky pet with you, ya weirdo.

Drummer: What the bloody ‘ell?!

[[The Duchess has used the enfisherizer on the drummer.]]

Caption: Afterwards:

[[The Womble plays a flute. The Duchess plays a violin.]]


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