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Womble: Anniversary

14 years ago

[[The Duchess is standing over the womble, who is resting on a red mattress]]

Duchess: Today I will be working in my laboratory. Stay out of trouble!

[[The Duchess leaves the room]]

[[The womble reaches into its pouch]]

[[The Duchess' lab is empty]]

[[The womble writes in its diary]]

July 28-97

It has now been two years since the Duchess performed her vile miracle. Two years since I have been able to speak, or leave this prison that is now my home. I grow despondent. All the same, it is as if my previous life has ceased to be, a mere glimmer of an almost-remembered dream.

The greatest insult is that she does not seem to recall the significance of this day. Even as [something] captor I was starting to consider a

Duchess: Oh womble… please come to the dining hall

[[The womble puts its diary back into its pouch]]

[[In the dining hall, the Duchess sits on the table next to a cake with two candles in it]]

Duchess: Happy birthday!


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