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Unless otherwise specified, all content on this site is © j. “fluffy” shagam and is available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. The short version is that you may redistribute, remix, and adapt my content (even for commercial works!) as long as you give appropriate credit to me and provide your version under the same terms. There is no need to get prior approval; however, if you do use my stuff in something, I’d love to hear about it!

This license is non-exclusive; if you would like to license the content under other terms, contact me and we can work something out.

Privacy Policy

This is a personal website with no advertising or financial interest in tracking people.

As such, this site does not collect any information on random visitors beyond the usual things that all websites get (namely your IP address and time of visit and maybe the link you followed to get here).

If you post comments, I will see them, as will everyone else. I will also be able to see whatever email address or website you associate with the comment, which is totally optional. Your email address will only be used for providing the user icon via Libravatar and sending reply notifications, if requested, and I may use them to reach out with a private response via email if appropriate/necessary. You will not be added to any mailing lists nor will your email address be used in any other way.

Isso will also set a client-side cookie to automatically fill in future comment forms and allow editing of your posted comments; this is not associated with any server-side tracking mechanism.

If you sign in using a third-party identity (email address, social login, etc.) I will see that too (as well as whatever public profile information is provided by said identity, which you can see at your user profile page), but that’s entirely the point to signing in to begin with. If you don’t want me to see that, don’t sign in, I guess? Anyway this site also uses a cookie to track you having logged in. The cookie itself is only used to identify you for the duration of your session.

There is also a small security log which keeps track of the most recent time a particular identity attempted to access a private entry, and whether that attempt was successful. It is purely for the purposes of maintaining and verifying access control, and only applies to people who are logged in and to private entries.

All this is to say that this website is not subject to GDPR or CCPA regulations, and any data access request will turn up empty anyway, as this is a personal website (not a business), all cookies are functional, and there is no data to access in the first place.1

Third-party policies

Some music on this site is hosted by SoundCloud (privacy policy) and by bandcamp (privacy policy).

Some videos are hosted by YouTube (privacy policy).

Entries with embedded mathematics use MathJax, which is hosted by JSDelivr (privacy policy).

Some games are hosted by (privacy policy).

This list is non-exhaustive, and there may be other forms of third-party content embed; see their respective services' privacy policies for more information.

  1. I realize this will do nothing to stop any of the deeply-weird privacy people from sending me procedural questions with the implication that they'll sue me if I don't provide a detailed response within some arbitrary time. 


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