I Before E

I before E, except after C
And in special words like Neighbor and Weigh

Are you sufficiently proficient in ancient languages to really understand the science of letter ordering, or are you working solely on prophecies? People often exhibit certain tendencies, which only show the vacancies in the policies. Etymological delicacies seldom delight financiers, yet fanciers of etymology can find many discrepancies!

On the other hand, agreeing on the decreeing of fleeing linguistic rulings is plebeian, albeit not foreign. When one unveils the results of their finely-crafted statement wherein they showcase the weird and forfeit, one tends to turn to atheism.

How many words are in this species?

# Words with E before I and not after C
> grep -e '^[^A-Z].*[^c]ei' /usr/share/dict/words | wc -l
# Words with I before E and after C
> grep -e '^[^A-Z].*cie' /usr/share/dict/words | wc -l

Form your own conclusions.


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