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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object class: Unknown; proceed with caution

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a secure domicile and to be fed according to the determined care instructions. It is not to be allowed outside, and must only be cared for by personnel who have been found to be immune to the more severe cognitive and health effects.

Description: SCP-XXXX takes the form of a small, semi-liquid creature of indeterminate size. It appears to be covered in a soft nondeterministic coating that further confuses the perception of its size and shape. Four of the five limbs terminate in retractable claws, whereas the fifth limb is a flexible tendril of some sort, whose purpose is unknown at this time but it appears to be a source of entropy.

Upon the creature’s head are many thin, stiff hairs which appear to be highly sensitive, and which generate an immediate response in the creature when stimulated in the slightest way. They seem to be optimized for finding air currents, the purpose of which is again unknown.

When touched, the surface releases a web of fine strands which tend to clump and coat whatever they come in contact with. Repeated touching seems to generate an unlimited amount of these strands with no measurable impact on the specimen’s total mass.

The specimen appears to have basic communication skills, and uses a variety of vocalizations and intense, low-frequency vibrations throughout its body to communicate. A thorough linguistic analysis has not yet deciphered the underlying meaning of these communications.

SCP-XXXX was found in the home of a deceased individual, one ████████████, who had been partially eaten by the creature. It is uncertain as to whether SCP-XXXX had taken part in ████████████’s demise or if it is simply an opportunistic scavenger.

Experiment Log XXXX-1

Multiple subjects were asked to enter a room with SCP-XXXX. Upon entry, almost all of them immediately showed signs of affection, and began to speak with the specimen in a manner similar to the specimen’s vocalizations, even without prior contact with the specimen. Alarmingly, all of these communications were initiated by the subjects, indicating some sort of subconscious or telepathic neurolinguistic transfer process.

These subjects were immediately prone to talk to the specimen, and many showed a strong compulsion to touch and stroke it. Many subjects would proceed to pick it up and give it a gentle hug, seemingly oblivious to the creature’s strands covering and coating their faces and bodies. They would also have a lengthy conversation with SCP-XXXX, usually in a mixture of the specimen’s vocalizations and an infantilized version of their own native language.

When questioned as to the meaning of the conversation, the subjects would respond with noncommittal responses, such as, “Oh, you know,” or general confusion as to whether a conversation had even taken place. Outside of the isolation chamber their speech patterns immediately reverted to normal.

Several subjects would compulsively escalate their signs of affection, even going so far as to hug and squeeze SCP-XXXX, causing the specimen to go into a defensive posture and attempt to escape. In most of these cases the specimen would injure the subjects with its claws and the subjects would simply giggle and praise the specimen for being “so cute” or “grumpy.” These subjects were deemed to be too dangerous to both themselves and the specimen, and were given a class C amnesic and recused from further experiments.

A distinct minority of subjects showed an immediate reaction of revulsion or fear to the specimen, and some of these also developed rapid-onset health symptoms in its presence, including sneezing, shortness of breath, and a reddening of the eyes. These symptoms would subside within minutes of leaving the isolation chamber.

Experiment Log XXXX-2

Test subject █████████, who had previously experienced health effects during experiment XXXX-1, was exposed to a clump of strands that the specimen had released during the physical examination. █████████ immediately began to sneeze. Hypothesis: these strands evolved as an unlikely defense mechanism to incapacitate or fend off those who are immune to its cognitive effects.

Incident Report XXXX-A

Several SCP researchers claimed knowledge of how to care for SCP-XXXX, and began to argue with one another as to how best to provide nutrition, stimulation, and affection. SCP-XXXX appeared largely indifferent to these arguments and would eat any meat-based substances offered to it, while it ignored most vegetation aside from members of the nepeta family, which appeared to have an intoxicating effect.

Research intern ████████ was naturally inclined to wiggle ███ fingers at the specimen, causing the specimen to immediately attack ████████’s hand and attempt to swallow it. However, ████████ was not injured by this encounter, aside from the deposition of a small amount of saliva. This saliva was collected for further study.

Incident Report XXXX-B

SCP-XXXX escaped containment and wandered the hallways of the foundation freely. Security footage indicates that many staff members saw it traversing the facility and, rather than contacting the containment staff, engaged in conversation with it. In no case did SCP-XXXX reciprocate, instead continuing through the hallways unimpeded.

Surprisingly, hours later SCP-XXXX returned to its testing chamber on its own volition, although it brought with it a critically-injured murinae mus of unknown origin. It presented this to ████████, who accepted it and gave SCP-XXXX some gentle strokes on the head and praised it for being, in ████████’s words, a “Very Good Kitty.” The murinae mus was secured for further analysis and questioning.


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