Peter Wolfe

Peter, a successful investment banker, lives in Manhattan with his wife Ana T. Day, a commercial actress. One day, Ana is shopping around town when she gets in an argument with someone who takes issue with one of the products she shills (because Ana doesn’t actually use it). Peter’s jealous ex-lover Felix watches them from nearby. Peter, who was on his way to meet Ana for lunch, runs into Felix gets into an argument with him; this raises the attention of Ana, who asks Peter what’s going on. Peter explains, and warns both Ana and the stranger about Felix; they leave.

Peter then sees a news report about a series of murders being perpetrated on Wall Street bankers; his elderly mother calls him with her worries, but Peter says that he has no reason to be afraid, as the NYPD is on the case. His mother raises a big stink, however, and insists that he and Ana stay safe at home. Ana, as it turns out, is having dinner with Felix, trying to understand their past and try to repair what she thinks is a strained friendship (not realizing they were romantically involved), and while they are in the diner, the killer attacks them. Felix gets away, but Ana is taken captive, and only manages to text him “help” (with an iPhone “find my friends” location attached, yay product placement).

Peter tries to leave home to track her down, but finds that his mother has actually informed the cops that he was in danger, and so he is under police protection. He protests with them regarding Ana’s text message; they say they will send an officer to try to find her, but Peter escapes protective custody and tries to find her on his own. En route he runs into young woman who was arguing with Ana before, and asks her for help. Reluctantly, she agrees, using her feminine wiles to seduce the killer before she incapacitates him.

Peter ties up the killer, asking him where Ana is. The killer just cackles maniacally and says nothing; Peter makes the knots tighter and tighter. The police burst in, and separate Peter from the killer and put the killer in jail (and Peter under house arrest). There is a media outcry around Peter’s house arrest, for what if he hadn’t incapacitated the killer and the police had done nothing?

Ana is never found.


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