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Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote about the state of WebSub support in feed readers. I’ve noticed a few incoming mentions from folks citing it as definitive (when that was never my intention), and so I decided to check to see if things have changed. I’m happy to say that it has!


As of today, here are the WebSub-enabled clients that are showing up in Superfeedr’s subscription list for my website. I’ve reached out to a few folks who would be in a position to know of even more, and I’ll add anything else I hear about.


Content aggregators

Most of these probably aren’t useful to end-users but I still found their use of WebSub interesting:


A similar caveat to the above applies: I can only check for publishers that I actually subscribe to; the list of WebSub-native CMSes is absolutely going to be much larger.

Also, technically any CMS can support it using Pushl and an external hub such as Superfeedr! (This is, of course, how I provide WebSub on my Publ sites, what with me writing Pushl specifically to add externalized WebSub support to Publ.)

User platforms

These are CMSes and platforms anyone can use to spin up their own blog.

Feedburner also provides WebSub for its proxied feeds, although it’s not clear as to whether it’s just proxying WebSub updates from upstream or using this as a way of notifying subscribers of its poll results (which has some limited benefit).

Commercial sites

These sites provide WebSub to readers, which is nice to know about even if it’s not using a platform that anyone can spin up on their own.

  • Ars Technica
  • I am sure there’s many more than this that I just don’t know about; feel free to link to some in the comments if you know about them!


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