kitchen day 6

No real progress today, instead the contractor came and looked over the installation variances from yesterday and we formulated a plan to fix everything. Mostly just took down the range hood (and settled on a new solution with HUGE thanks to Spud for some much-appreciated unsolicited design work), and two of the base cabinets got moved 3" to the left. Oh and the hole in the wall next to my phone got bigger.


Plan for tomorrow:

  • reinstall hood with better, Spud-designed bracket and correct positioning and NOT going through my upstairs floor
  • move the sink cabinets forward by 3" so there’s actually a place to install the faucet (I mean, seriously!)
  • finish the install of the pocket cabinet as an actual pocket and not, like, bolted to the wall
  • remove some of the trim pieces that I didn’t want in the first place and which will only get in the way of things

Also the electrician will hopefully be able to do his part tomorrow, and I really hope the cabinets are all in their correct spot by Friday since that’s when countertops are scheduled to be measured.

Oy vey. At least this still isn’t nearly as bad as my San Francisco kitchen went, and all of the mistakes are correctable. And I’m also in a much better mental state these days, although after the past week of this I’m getting pretty frayed at the edges. (The contractor completely understands.)

The contractor also wants to repair the hardwood upstairs but I think it’ll just take some wood filler and right now it’d be an enormous production to move my couch out of the way to make it possible so I think I’ll just leave that for when I’m selling this place. Hardwood plugs are pretty easy to deal with, right?


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