Kitchen day 11

Was this the last day?! Well, no, but I finally have a functional kitchen again!


Last night while doing some more tidying-up, I slipped and fell on some construction dust while wearing my already-not-that-great-traction-wise indoor sandals. So I’m pretty sore today, but otherwise fine. (Also, big shout-out to Fiona who saw me laying on the floor in agony and decided to “help” by standing on the fibro pressure points on my chest.)

I did notice that the countertop folks didn’t quite line the sink basin up to the cutout, so there’s a bit of a reveal in the back and a bit of an overhang in the front. It’s pretty minor, all things considered, but annoying. I asked S. if it was possible to adjust the alignment and he said it isn’t practical to do, because the glue they use to attach the sink is meant to be permanent. (And it seems that it’s only attached using glue, which makes me hope it really is permanent!) So, it’s just a minor thing I’ll have to live with.

Also, as usual, S. was detail-oriented but for the wrong details – he installed the base of my faucet backwards. Fortunately I noticed just as he was finishing up so it was convenient-ish for him to redo it correctly. (Seriously, he really needs to start RTFMing and looking at provided diagrams.) And then later when installing the dishwasher he decided to just YOLO the toekick aspect and left the rubber apron just hanging out? for some reason? and I had to, like, find the installation instructions and insist that he do it right? Again? But anyway that’s all good now and it looks fantastic. (I am definitely going to tell the contractor about these things though, like this is a big problem if this guy is supposed to be able to run crews on his own.)

The stove alignment issue I mentioned yesterday is a bit more annoying. It turns out that the stove nook is square after all – it’s the stove itself that’s slightly trapezoidal. Weird. The countertop folks said that they can possibly make some filler pieces with some of the offcut remnants, but I’m going to wait until the stove has its final placement which I won’t know until after Saturday (when the electrician can hopefully relocate the outlet). I also hope that the stove doesn’t have its final resting position at a slight angle as it is now, which is a thing I’m worried about, and is something I won’t know until tomorrow. In the meantime the contractor raised the stove up a little bit so the gap isn’t so prominent and obvious.

The dishwasher is slightly narrower than the space for it, so it doesn’t have a tight seal with the cabinets. Not a big deal at all but if it becomes bothersome I guess I could add in some thin shims or something. I presume it’s more about noise reduction than anything else, and the dishwasher is whisper-quiet anyway so it’s probably another Who Cares.

Oh and the wall cabinet finally has a handle on it! The contractor finally convinced the designer that I was asking for something straightforward and reasonable, and that’s all been sorted. So now the cabinet opens and stays open, and it closes and stays closed. What an incredible piece of technology!

Anyway. Yeah. Lots and lots of finishing work today, and then Saturday is the remaining electrical (unfortunately the electrician ended up having a job out of town tomorrow), and then sometime after that is little odds and ends of finishing (odds and ends with the bar top and the wall texture and so on) and then it’s done. Well, except for all the other stuff I want to do. But still.

Anyway I’ve finally taken care of this comical pile of dirty dishes and I’m pretty impressed with how much stuff I could fit in the tiny dishwasher after all, and also the dishwasher is pretty neat in that it tells me how long it has left on the cycle too. Why would anyone go for the more expensive top-control version that has fewer convenience features? Oh and even though this one is way smaller than the old one, it actually is able to hold a couple of things that wouldn’t fit in it, because of the design of the racks. So like now I don’t need to hand-wash my dough proofing bin or my large stew pot. Neat.

Oh also my pastry board arrived. Holy crap it’s heavy. I’ll definitely want to put some cork or felt backing on it as well. I wonder how to best attach it. Hot glue? Epoxy? Something else? Internet says E6000. Other suggestions welcome.

I think tomorrow I’ll have an omelet for breakfast. BECAUSE I CAN.

Pending schedule:

  • Friday: I put away a bunch more stuff, now that I can
  • Saturday: finish the electrical work (hopefully)
  • Some time early next week (hopefully Monday): actually final, final finishing, finally?
  • In a couple weeks or so: over-refrigerator storage
  • After that (i.e. when I get around to it): I paint

And now to go to my drawing group.


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