Kitchen remodel day 4

Ah, I thought that was going too smoothly.

What’s the old saying? Measure twice, cut once?


So, the designer had decided that there was “no way” to have storage over my refrigerator (even though the old refrigerator was taller and I somehow had a decently-sized cabinet on top of it!) so he had ordered trim pieces to make the refrigerator look like a built-in. Which of course significantly reduces my storage space, and also looks ugly as heck, especially since he sized it around a different fridge than the one I ended up getting. I have a solution in mind though, and it’ll be pretty easy to enact.

The bigger issue of cabinet alignment is pretty ridiculous. One of the builders is pretty detail-oriented; problem is, he’s focusing on the wrong details. He felt it was necessary to misalign the cabinets because he wanted the lower and upper cabinets to have their lines match up perfectly (even though they didn’t line up perfectly anyway), and his proposed solution was to extend the wall. Uh, what?! And this also left a huge gap in the corner blind, which I’m sure would cause problems with lost items falling into the crack.

Anyway I finally convinced him to just place the cabinets a bit further over, and that works so much better. But it made today get a lot less done than they were hoping for. Unfortunately the contractor hasn’t been on-site for the last couple days; these installers are just two members of his crew.

Meanwhile, check out the awesome new lazy susan:


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