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Wacom nibs reviewed

2008/10/03 12:00 AM

A while ago I posted a review of various Wacom nibs over on my blog. If you don’t read my blog but do read the newsbox here and care what I think about my drawing implement of choice, well, I guess you could read it.

Today’s Womble took me all week to do

2008/10/04 12:49 AM

I mean okay it’s not like I do my comics all in one sitting but, wow, I did not expect this one comic to take me so long. So, um, Unity will probably fall behind next week, unless I manage to get a big surge of energy this weekend (which is unlikely).

Cast page updated

2008/10/07 12:29 AM

I’ve updated the cast page to include Eugene. However, he is missing a family name. So, post your suggestions for his full name in this comment thread, and I’ll make my favorite one canon!


2008/10/28 12:00 AM

All of the past comics are now transcribed thanks largely to Smarasderagd and Bug (and hopefully they’ll stay relatively up-to-date from now on), and you may notice that now you can view a comic’s transcript as well.