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19 years ago



Lately, I’ve been bored a disproportionate amount of the time. It’s not that I have nothinig to do, it’s just that none of it is terribly appealing.

[[Cat toy]]

[[Dumb but painful DDR-preventing foot injury]]


So between napping, video games, and half-assedly cleaning my house (a square foot at a time), I think about what people did for entertainment before computers.

Somehow I don’t think i twas really all that different than it is today.

[[Weblog circa 1867]]

I know better than to tell my friend Delphine whenever I’m bored though. She always wants me to help her work on her car.

For some reason I still can’t figure out.

fluffy: What’s this?

Delphine: The engine. Come on, help me with this timing belt.

fluffy: Won’t it get my hands dirty?


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