Port Angeles II, day 4

The weather forecast for today was pretty dismal, but it was also wrong. I took a drive out to the Madison Creek Falls to have a nice low-intensity hike. It turns out the Falls trail is incredibly short, but there’s another longer set of trails (service roads, actually) that follow the Elwha river quite some ways. And that was a lovely walk.

A funny thing happened when I went back to my car, though: I went up to what I thought was my car but then had a “wait what’s going on?” moment when its interior was beige fabric instead of black leather. For several seconds I was actually thinking that maybe I’d forgotten what the upholstery on my car looked like… and then I realized that it was someone else’s black, second-generation Leaf. Oops.

When I got back to Port Angeles I decided to go to the furry-themed barbecue joint, since I’d seen from the street that they were open after all. It turns out that the lies on the website were actually wrong in the opposite direction: Coyote BBQ has been revamped as a (non-furry) pub, specializing in seafood.

Which is disappointing, because there’s not a lot of barbecue out here, but there’s already plenty of places to get fish and chips.

Anyway, I had the Halibut Po'Boy, and it was just Okay. Coyote BBQ definitely had better food. Oh well.

Then I had a weekly lesson with my voice coach which went pretty well, and I chilled for a while. Around 8 PM I finally decided to get some dinner, but didn’t want to go to the gastropub after all (since I was still kind of full from lunch and the food I was going to get at Next Door would have been redundant with the lunch I had), so I looked around for something relatively light.

Which is really hard here.

I ended up settling on a good-looking Mexican place and got the Chili Colorado. It was really good, but definitely not “light,” and now I am overly stuffed.

Anyway, tomorrow I head back to Seattle.


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