Current situation

So, the bathroom remodel keeps on hitting some pretty bad roadblocks. And I’m not entirely sure what to do next.

Basically, the plumber started a week ago, and has been trying to get the house plumbing working again. But something keeps going wrong, but I have no idea what, because the plumber only speaks Vietnamese. But the short version is that even after over a week and multiple complete re-dos of the plumbing, I still have no running water, and all that the plumber can tell me is that it doesn’t work, but can’t specify what he means by “it” or “work.”

Meanwhile, the contractor decided to hold himself to a promised start date for his next client, which means his attention is divided between my home and someone else’s. Which seems to be what keeps on fucking happening with contractors; they decide my project is small, leave their underlings to do all the work, something goes wrong, then everything goes to hell.

Because the plumbing is still on hold, I have no running water, which means the tile can’t be done (mostly because the tile saw needs water to operate), and even if that weren’t blocking the rest of the renovation, the whole point to getting my bathroom redone was to have a working bathroom. And no running water also means I can’t do my dishes or laundry.

As of this moment I feel like my best option is to simply move back into my still-unsold condo hopefully-temporarily so that I at least have a comfortable space to live in. Maybe my condo never selling ends up being a blessing in disguise. But then that means I’ll be stuck with an unlivable house, instead, and that doesn’t feel like an improvement. Not to mention not having access to the whole reason I bought a house in the first place (usable project space).

Somehow I’m still not angry about how anything’s happened, but I sure am starting to feel a bit of frustration. Severe annoyance, at least.

Anyway this is why I haven’t managed to work on Lo-Fi Beats to Grind Coffee To for a while. Ugh.


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