House imminent!

The house is all coming along nicely. My loan financing is almost complete, the transaction loses in around two weeks, and then soon after that I’ll have a lovely house to move into.

I was really excited to be within walking distance of the beach, but it turns out that the beach in question is private. Boo. But there’s a very nice park that at least has a view of it and a lovely nature park. And there’s other beaches nearby (although not quite in walking distance).

I’ve also already ordered installation of gigabit fiber. Because that’s a thing I can do now. And gigabit fiber costs $65/month, as opposed to the $115/month I’m currently paying for shitty, unreliable, slow-when-I-need-it cable. I’m also going to wire the house with Ethernet; while all my devices are “only” gigabit I’m going to go ahead and run Cat6 to future-proof for 10gig. I’ve ordered all the stuff I need for that installation, except for a couple of tools (which don’t seem to be readily available at local shops so I might have to break down and go to Amazon). Unless maybe Harbor Freight has them… Hmm.

Yes, they do. And it’s way cheaper than Amazon. Well, they don’t seem to have a placement tool, but that strikes me as pretty optional. (Also I’d rather have a ½" or ¾" but 3/8" will do just fine, at least with some pulling line. And hey, I have some fishing line around here somewhere…)

Anyway, I’m taking a day off for the Centurylink install, which is when I’ll also do the ethernet wiring. And then hopefully the next week is when I actually move; I’ll have a better idea of that timing after Monday, when I have gotten a quote from the movers.

In any case, I am really excited for this move, and it’ll be nice when I’ve also sold my condo and I have a lot more cash available to do the things I really want to do (like the backyard studio).


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