2021 in review, 2022 goals

Here’s some stats and thoughts maybe. I dunno.


Things posted to this website: 196 (171 public)

Things posted elsewhere:

  • Bandcamp: 4
    • 2 albums
    • 1 single
    • 1 game OST
  • YouTube videos:
    • Music channel: 20 videos, mostly music videos, holy hell how did I actually do that
    • Personal channel: 8 (mostly shitposts and cat reminiscence)
  • Social media posts: E_TOOMANY

Domestic life

In March I bought a house and in April I moved in. My cats were very happy about the change.

I failed to sell my old condo over the next 8 months and finally decided to rent it out, which isn’t ideal but at least it’ll cover its own expenses.1

In April I got pretty into gardening. I ended up with so much zucchini, and so many tomatoes. I have many more plans for future gardening now that I have a better feel for it. I will probably be growing more tomatoes. Not so much on the zucchini though.

In June it became clear that Werner was reaching the end of his life, and in August I finally made the tough decision to put him to sleep. I’m still sad about it. On the plus side, in September I adopted Tyler, and while things were rough between him and Fiona at first, by November they were actually friends with each other.

Also in November I started a renovation of my bathroom, and that week-long project ended up taking exactly a month. There’s still a few things left to do on it but it’s Good Enough™ for now, and the remaining work is all cosmetic stuff I can handle myself.

I’ve done a lot of smaller things to improve this house, as well. I’ve replaced the refrigerator and water heater, and swapped the furnace for a much more efficient heat pump system.


I cycled through a few more ADHD meds and didn’t find anything that helped me without horrible side effects.

I cycled through a few more fibromyalgia meds and didn’t find anything that helped me without horrible side effects.

I ended up writing new DDR pad firmware which makes playing DDR more fun. Unfortunately I’ve been having joint issues which have limited how much time I can play it. That said, I did manage to recently full-combo MAX300 on Basic for the first time, and also got my first perfect rating ever.

Also I finally got fed up with my awful doctor and switched to a much better doctor who actually gives a shit about treating my symptoms instead of endless mindfulness bullshit and stress-shaming.

Project stuff

I bought two new 3D printers: one resin, and one ceramic. The ceramic one still hasn’t arrived, due to shipping lane congestion. But supposedly it’ll actually get to me real soon now and I’m looking forward to getting into ceramics.

Work stuff

I went through the motions at work for most of the year, and took a few months off for disability leave which was extremely helpful in a lot of ways. Then I was faced with an amazing opportunity to get back into the sorts of work I enjoy doing, and I leapt at it. My new job starts in a few days and I’m looking forward to it.

2021 Goals

On January 1 I set out some vague goals that I wanted to achieve. How’d I do on them?

  • Voice: eh, it’s better, but still not great.
  • Fibro and ADHD dialing-in: nope (although I’m a bit more comfortable using caffeine on an ocacsional basis)
  • Finishing a non-Novembeat album: Heck yes!
  • PlaidWeb stuff: nope, although I made substantial progress on both Publ and Authl
  • Rebuild broken social life: somewhat, but in the form of getting deeper online connections since COVID ended up being a tougher nut to crack than anyone expected
  • Home cleanup: Technically my condo is now 100% clutter-free
  • Comics: Unfortunately, fibro has made that difficult
  • Losing weight: hahahaha nope

2022 Goals

Do I even want to do this? I guess I’d might as well, although they’re gonna be basically the same as last year’s.

  • Get my house clean or at least organized
  • Make more music
  • Make more comics
  • Feel comfortable at work
  • Better vocal presentation
  • Improve Publ
  • Improve my health
  • Socialize better
  1. I have no interest in being a landlady as a career or even a source of income, and the rental price is basically a break-even on my expenses overall. Property is theft etc. etc. Anyway I have a tenant lined up for mid-January 


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