Current status

My neighborhood is a war zone, but all signs point to SPD abandoning the East precinct and deescalating. I am suspicious that after they do, they’re going to purposefully cause crimes to make everyone fear for their safety to try to get us to beg for them to come back. If this happens, I hope we see past it.

The next few months are going to be interesting, and not in a great way.

Meanwhile, I’m sick with yet another sinus infection, and this combined with my mental health and my chronic pain issues are making this a very bad time. I mostly slept and cried today, although now it’s 10 PM and I’m at least feeling good enough to exist.

Job-wise, the news is quite public now that my company was hosting the Blue Lives Matter site, and enough was enough and pretty much everyone at the company revolted over it. They’re shutting the site down now. I don’t know how long it’ll take, but we are going to hold them to it.

There’s more that I want to share about Maven that’s been incredibly frustrating to me but public disclosure will have to wait until later. Hopefully these issues can be addressed, but I’m not hopeful.

On the other hand, seeing the massive revolt at Bon Appétit which has led to sea change there and possibly at Condé Nast, I’m starting to feel optimistic that media companies (including Maven) will be forced to adapt lest they become irrelevant.

Black lives always matter.


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