The cycle

For the last few months I’ve been feeling restless to be doing not-much throughout the day, so I’ve been actively looking for a job. No bites have been occurring. So instead I’ve been working hard on new projects, like the VRChat avatar stuff and also redesigning my website (which I’m close to being able to roll out, incidentally).

But then it turns out that doing work makes my chronic pain flare up again, and now I’m in agony again.

So, I guess I need to find something that makes me feel satisfied with my day (and ideally brings in some amount of income) without being something that my body just absolutely rejects. But what could that possibly be? The stuff I’m good at and the stuff I enjoy doing is stuff that physically hurts to do.

And of course none of the jobs I’m finding out there even remotely appeal to me, much less seem like something that’d be worth the pain. Like, on the plus side, the blight of nothing but blockchain jobs has ended, but only because now every job is about shitty AI.

So, I’m still pretty resolute in not going back into software engineering, but I have no idea what I should be getting into. Whatever I do end up doing it needs to be something I do with others, too. I’ve been isolated far too long.

I keep wondering if maybe I should find a public sector job near me, like doing IT support for the library or the county or something. The King County Jobs site has some interesting stuff on it but most of it is like… very not compatible with my scheduling needs.

Ugh, I dunno. Maybe someone reading this has some ideas.


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