More ActivityPub testing

Okay so it looks like re-pinging of existing content to doesn’t cause it to reappear again, although it’s still a bit of a UX disaster how backfilled toots show up (namely as a gigantic flood to every follower’s timeline). I think that’s more of a Mastodon UX problem than ActivityPub or though, and it’s probably a necessary evil based on what happens when a Mastodon sidekiq queue gets backlogged or whatever. Not to mention even in a things-are-current context, the nature of how Pushl works means it’ll probably still cause stuff to get missed.

I think I need to make some sort of slow-trickle backlog thing because I do want all of my old entries to generate a ping at some point (so if I ever do a backlog spidering with Pushl it doesn’t cause more problems).

It also seems that the UX around long entries leaves a lot to be desired; I think it’s a problem with and not Mastodon, so I have an open issue which hopefully Snarfed can come up with a good solution for.

Also this is now a pretty long entry for chatter but it’s neat to see Mastodon folks able to interact somewhat-directly with Publ posts now! Even if the experience leaves a lot to be desired.


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