Co-op creative agency

The best times in my career have been when I’ve been tasked with solving interesting problems or making single-serving things, rather than working on a single specific project in the long term.

I am really good with figuring out how to do a thing, but not so much with figuring out what to do in the first place.

I feel like my best career path would be some sort of consulting, or working for a creative agency. But I really do not like the actual work model involved in either of those things.

I think my dream situation would be being part of a group of folks where the group as a whole takes on various work, and the work gets divided up based on people wanting to work on those things, and people work together towards the common goal of completing the stuff. And people can exchange ideas and toss things over the wall at each other, and it’s all about cooperation and collaboration, rather than competition. And payment divvied up based on what’s fair based on the kinds of work everyone did.

There are a few game studios which work on this sort of co-op model, and I think that could also work really well for a creative agency.

I’d really love to be a part of something like this, especially where my role wouldn’t be fixed to one specific kind of work. Graphics programming, composing, graphic design, web design, frontend, backend, API design, all sorts of stuff that I am good at and enjoy doing at times, but don’t want to be the only thing I do day in, day out. And I can’t work at an even pace as would be expected from a contractor or even a full-time employee, either.

This is the sort of thing I’d want to set up myself, except I do not have “business development” as one of my areas of hyperfocus, and I wouldn’t even know where to begin. It’d require a lot of legwork and recruiting people and finding clients and so on.

It would be great if I could work with someone else who shares these goals and who does have the hyperfocus around business development.

Every now and then I look at the sorts of gigs available on Upwork and Fiverr and I just cringe at how much work is expected for such little pay. And of course trying to get sustainable income in the games industry (including indie games) is just… hard, for me.

There’s got to be a better way to get the kinds of short-term creative work that I am the most comfortable with.

And I know lots of other people who want to work in this way too.

Maybe someone can make it happen.


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