Charity backlog

Today I finally got rid of a giant accumulation of charity shop donations that date back to… well, at least when I lived in San Francisco, perhaps longer.

My bedroom finally has a usable walk-in closet, a week before I move out. Oh well!

I donated four large bags of unwanted (either guy-mode or too-small-and-not-worth-returning girl-mode) clothing, a pair of basically-new shoes, and an older LCD TV (which came with my condo) to Lifelong, three large bags of older, worn-in (but still usable and/or recyclable) shoes to Redeeming Soles, and a big pile of boring white socks to WeCount (the charity itself seems to be defunct but their give a pair/take a pair drop boxes are still around Seattle and still work, what with being literally just a free newspaper box but with different branding).

Anyway now Fiona has a new space to explore, and I actually found a bunch of stuff I’d been missing since it was, y'know, buried in back. Whee!

In other moving news, things are progressing nicely. My Realtor™ has taken point on working with the painter and cleaners, also, which makes things a lot easier for me, since now that will all happen on Friday while I get my Internet installed. It also means she can list the property a lot sooner, which means I can sell it a lot sooner. Yay!

I’m still trying to get the dang contractor scheduled to finally finish the last little job in my kitchen. I’m sure he wants to get the project done as much as I do, not to mention he probably wants to get paid for what work he’s done so far! I don’t get why he isn’t champing at the bit to finally finish this stuff up. Maybe he just has a lot on his plate right now. Nice problem to have.


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