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So, Friday I took a day off from my day job to go out to Quincy, WA to visit the Quincy Valley Historical Society and Museum, a farming museum which the AR startup is doing an app for. It was an interesting trip and I learned some stuff, although mostly we were there to guide the filming of greenscreen footage that’s going to be part of the app.

Quincy reminds me a lot of Las Cruces, where I spent a total of 8 years as a college and graduate student, only it’s even smaller and there’s no university.

Anyway, Friday night I didn’t sleep particularly well, then Saturday we drove back and after a brief nap I went to a local Twitch streamer meetup and met a bunch of people. Which was a good time and I made a bunch of contacts, but unfortunately the combination of that with the previous day meant I was already pretty much at my spoons limit.

Then Sunday, because of the dumpster fire that is Daylight Saving Time, all those dirty spoons got thrown into my garbage disposal.

I ended up going to work on Monday but I really shouldn’t have. I was in pain and absolutely in no shape to get anything done. Pretty much all I did was get to work, be incredibly worn out, do some minor programming tasks, and then go home. I decided to try the face mask on the CPAP again but it didn’t fit right so after about an hour of failing to sleep I ended up just taking it off.

Oh, and Monday was a bump day for my nortriptyline dosage, so I was on 30mg for the first time. I had various hallucinations while in my half-awake state all night long.

This morning I couldn’t even get out of bed, so I called in sick, and emailed my doctor about the nortriptyline dosage, asking if I could just stay on 20mg for now, which he confirmed is what I should do.

Anyway, I finally found a guide for properly adjusting my CPAP mask (after wading through a bunch of youtube videos that were about how evil CPAP is and how you should “just lose weight” and all other sorts of nonsense) and so I think tonight will be better on that front. Mostly I’ve just been lazing about at home and recovering, and um… trying not to work on a sick day (although I did fix an XSS vulnerability that I was notified of in some ancient Perl script on an unused website).

Tonight I’ll try streaming some music-making, and probably won’t go to the Seattle Indies monthly social because even though it’s a block from my home it just feels like a big obligation and spoon-user at this point rather than something I enjoy doing.

Anyway. I hope this hasn’t been a major backslide for me. I’ve liked the effect the nortriptyline has had so far but it’s clearly not able to perform miracles. I still have to remember to manage my limitations, and also watch out for push crash.

I made the most progress in my fibromyalgia when I realized that I need to be kind and patient with myself, and I need to remember to keep doing that.


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