New job!

I have accepted a job at as a full-stack engineer. I’ll be working on web publishing stuff as an actual source of income now!

I am very optimistic about this. Everyone at the interview was super-awesome and friendly, and their ethics seem pretty much aligned with mine. I hope to be part of making curated published content on the web better for everyone! (Readers and publishers alike.)

Also it was really cool to learn that they actually made sure that I’d be able to keep working on my side projects, especially Publ, even before my full interview loop. (They are of the opinion that while the technology does similar things it serves a completely different target market, so as long as I don’t turn Publ into a hosted service there’s no conflict of interest. Given that Publ is very much designed not to be that I am pretty sure there’s no risk of that happening.)

Obviously this means my involvement with Workshop 3D will have to change. We’re still figuring out what makes the most sense for that side of things.


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