So long, Twitter API, and thanks for all the fish

❝ So long, Twitter API, and thanks for all the fish

Ryan writes:

Right now, Bridgy uses a free tier of Twitter’s API, equivalent to what many other major social networks offer. By April 29th, this free tier will disappear. If I want to read tweets, my options will be a $100/mo plan with a quota of 10k tweets/mo, roughly .1% of what Bridgy currently uses, or an enterprise plan with unknown quota that reportedly starts at $42k/mo.

It isn’t clear whether the new tiers also apply to the SSO API (it seems that posting to Twitter is still available in the free tier which implies that SSO will still function). But needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), if this breaks SSO, I am not going to pay money to fix it on my sites.

I’d highly recommend to folks who are still using Twitter to log in to this site or to Novembeat to find an alternate identity provider, such as a Mastodon instance or running an IndieAuth provider on your own heckin' website.

(Someday I’ll get around to adding OpenID to Authl so people can also use things like Livejournal, Dreamwidth, or Ubuntu Launchpad to sign in, but I’ve been lazy.)

EDIT: Looks like SSO is remaining free, per the announcement. Still, y'all should move away from Twitter just on general principle.


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