The trip so far

Wow, I’d forgotten just how awful San Francisco is for disabled people.

Everything here involves a lot of vertical movement. Stairs and hills everywhere.

Friday I overdid it (due largely to some… overzealous, spur-of-the-moment activities led by my sister), and was surprised that I didn’t have a pain flare on Saturday. Then on Saturday I didn’t overdo it, and mostly had a pretty chill day (namely my nephew’s big birthday bash), and had some food and coffee tourism in the evening.

Sunday morning I woke up early with what felt like possible COVID symptoms, so as soon as the pharmacies opened up I dragged myself out of bed and bought a COVID test. By the time I had done that I felt a lot better, though, and decided to stop at Sightglass Coffee (staying distant from others and masked, of course), and halfway through my oat milk latte suddenly got hit by a huge pain flare and anxiety attack, and hurried back to my hotel room and took the COVID test, which came back negative.

I think the symptoms I had were just a combination of the overexertion finally catching up with me as well as me sleeping with the window open last night (since the hotel room was sweltering hot). In any case what felt like potential COVID symptoms have completely gone away, and I’m just extremely tired and in pain.

My original plans for today were to go to the MOMA and possibly catch a movie before meeting up with my parents (who leave tomorrow) for eclipse-viewing and dinner, but I just needed some time to recover. I’m feeling a bit better now, but I’m still going to take it easy. Maybe I’ll catch a movie (and have a late lunch) at the Alamo Drafthouse, which is nearby. I dunno. I just kinda need to be a vegetable today.

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow since my plan was to go into the office and finally meet my coworkers in person.


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