Plans for 2019

So, it’s a new year, huh.

Might as well share some brief outlines of what I hope to accomplish this year.


So far the new job has been pretty overwhelming, and I’d really like to do well at it. Part of this means relearning Perl (which I think I’ve made good progress on) and learning more about the Perl ecosystem (particularly Catalyst and Moose), which have me very lost at the moment.

I also need to learn a lot more about bioinformatics, as well as a bunch of IT/infrastructure things like SAML (particularly via Shibboleth), Kerberos, and random miscellanies.


So, Publ as a platform is pretty good at this point! There are a few things I want to focus on with it:

  • Authentication/private content (after all, this is about 95% of the justification of building it as a framework rather than using a static site generator)
  • Mobile post editing (this is a gigantic undertaking though)
  • Making it easier to get up and running with it – I’m not really sure what this would entail but there is clearly a huge barrier to entry right now and I’m not sure how to get past that


I want to get back into making comics. Lewi has so much story to tell and I hate that I lost steam on it. There’s also a bunch of journal comic stuff I want to do.

Right now my comics are mostly on hold due to a combination of my usual chronic pain problems and some unusual issues with half my Adobe programs no longer working right on my desktop, though. (They do work fine from a test user account so it’s clearly a problem with my user account and not with the installation or hardware or whatever, but holy hell does macOS have a lot of moving parts now…)


I have another rock/pop album written, entitled Songs of Substance. It has been written for over two years now. I just gotta record the dang thing.

Personal life

I’d love to give the whole having-a-romantic-interest thing another go. Anyone in the Seattle area interested in dating someone as fucking fragile and baggage-laden as me?


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